A Dallas-Fort Worth Destination

PlayGrand Adventures is a playground that will encompass 10 acres of park land, separated into distinct play areas or “Zones”.  Each “Zone” contains unique play equipment, specifically designed for inclusive play.  This is not just a children’s playground but one designed for all ages and abilities, that incorporates various challenges to encourage teamwork, cooperation,  and achievement.  The playground is contained with a perimeter border for safety. Phase I, approximately 5 acres, is now open.

The playground is part of a much larger overall park project which includes The Epic, a state-of-the-art recreation center, Epic Waters indoor/outdoor water park, trail systems, The Summit 50+ Club, and GrandLawn at EpicCentral in Grand Prairie, Texas.

This project’s future phases are being led by a committee of dedicated individuals from the community, local and national organizations, and the City of Grand Prairie Parks, Arts & Recreation Department.


PlayGrand Adventures incorporates areas within the playground for people of all ages to socially interact and to engage children in a variety of play experiences.

PlayGrand Adventures includes elements that increase the sense of discovery by incorporating textures, smell, differing sounds, and colors throughout the playground.  The sensory-rich adventure teaches social skills, increases fine motor skills, concentration, and creativity.

At PlayGrand Adventures, all children, teens, and adults can have the opportunity to be physically active through play.  The playground provides challenges for everyone and all abilities.  Imaginative and structured play experiences are also available.

At PlayGrand Adventures, all children learn through play and interaction with each other in the environment that they are in.  PlayGrand Adventures offers opportunities for everyone to problem solve, think abstractly, and develop cause-and-effect skills.

The PlayGrand Adventures playground supports the development of receptive and expressive language, allowing everyone to be themselves, express who they are, and demonstrate what they know.  Kids, parents, grandparents, and neighbors can interact within the series of play activities.

PlayGrand Adventures creates fun experiences for children of all ages with specific design challenges that are placed in appropriately safe layouts.

Playground users can expand their creativity in a variety of ways, including music, performance, nature and science.  In partnership with the GPISD, staff will be working on a STEM program to encourage innovation.


PlayGrand Adventures is a playground where individuals, families, and schools can come and play.  This playground is a destination for family outings, birthdays, reunions, learning, and school field trips from all over the Dallas – Fort Worth region.

PlayGrand is one-of-a-kind.  There is nothing like it in Texas or elsewhere that will compare to PlayGrand Adventures.

100% of all donations and contributions go directly into the construction of PlayGrand Adventures. PlayGrand Adventures is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation.  Contributions to this project may be tax-deductible.

PlayGrand Adventures is a destination playground for people of all abilities.  Visitors will interact in a seamless, carefree and overlapping atmosphere.  Parents, grandparents, children, brothers, and sisters all have equal play opportunities.

PlayGrand Adventures is located in EpicCentral Park between Arkansas Lane and Warrior Trail along State Highway 161 in Grand Prairie, Texas.


Adventure Zone provides the highest-intensity play for all ability levels, featuring vibrant and whimsical play equipment and a wide variety of play opportunities, such as climbing, swinging, and spinning.  Abundant shade and areas to socialize are spaced throughout the play area.  This zone includes a play area specifically designed for toddlers with separated activities on a miniature scale.

Adventure Hill provides visitors of all abilities the opportunity to experience varying heights and physical challenges at new levels.  The playground will accommodate spinning, sliding, climbing and learning activities in ways traditional playgrounds cannot offer.  Challenging opportunities expand as one climbs the ‘Hill’.

Tranquil Adventures will offer a passive place intended for gathering and repose; where over stimulation and excitement can be calmed with imaginary play, while maintaining a social atmosphere that might encourage personal interaction.  This zone offers whimsical play houses, a sensory art wall, spinning and a play hill enclosed in a separated but open zone, that will allow an individual to maintain their attention to their tasks which is so important in play.

The Adventure Sports zone is a recreational hub for a variety of sports and activities.  Its’ miniature fields will accommodate all things sports, from basketball, baseball and softball to soccer and football with unstructured, imaginative play.  A Challenge Course encourages “ninjas’ to compete against each other, train and rehabilitate.

Adventure Challenge provides extreme challenge and discovery levels for visitors.  Elevated play events that bridge between towers encourage cooperation between peers to promote success.  Flying through the air on a zip-rail will give the sense of freedom and exhilaration, the opportunity to challenge one’s self, and return to their original starting point. Younger visitors will be challenged with unique play equipment that enhances balance, spin control and agility.

Adventures Stars provides a unique venue for creative performances for children and adults of all abilities, with a variety of quality outdoor musical instruments producing outstanding tones, beats and harmonies.  An outdoor accessible stage and seating area provides a venue for performers to showcase their talents.

Adventure Village will reflect daily life in Grand Prairie.  With miniature sponsored everyday life destinations, city landmarks, streets and sidewalks.  Visitors to this zone can learn and practice general bicycle and pedestrian transportation safety in a realistic, miniaturized and controlled environment.

Located on the edge of a protected stream corridor, Woodland Adventures focuses on connecting children and adults to nature.  Woodland emphasizes natural materials and includes play features of stone, wood, and sand.  A treehouse-like structure adjacent to the natural creek corridor provides elevated views for children and adults alike.  With access to natural surface trails users will “Explore”, “Identify” and be “Conscious” of their natural environment.

Natural Adventures connects an existing lake and interactive water features where children and adults will interact and learn hydrology, biology, and environmental awareness.  The Natural Adventures play area will be an extension of Woodland Adventures and Wild Adventures and its use of the natural environment as play opportunities.


“What we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all our tomorrows.”

Alexandra Stoddard