Sunrise – Sunset


Master Plan

This one-of-a-kind regional playground will provide infinite possibilities for play and discovery upon every visit. Each play zone area is unique and reflects the overall goal: to be inclusive. 

Entering the site from Warrior Trail and Epic Place, visitors will be immersed into the play zone with the most vibrant color and impact. Progressing through the site on the meandering main pathway, the zones transition to a more naturalistic character, with less manufactured play components, while introducing varieties of materials in different zones. PlayGrand Adventures will stimulate, challenge and encourage exploration for all ages while promoting social interaction and wellness.

Playground Adventures has been in the planning and design process since 2013. The development of PlayGrand Adventures will be in a series of phases with the first phase open as of January 2020. The City of Grand Prairie is developing the park as a collaborative effort that includes professionals and parents skilled at working with children with special needs. One hundred percent of all donations and contributions go directly into the construction of future phases of PlayGrand Adventures, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit foundation.

The PlayGrand Adventures Committee would like to thank you for your generous support. Please contact us for any additional information about the project, in-kind donations, sponsorship packages, or volunteer opportunities.

Natural Adventures
Natural Adventures connects an existing lake and interactive water features where children and adults will interact and learn hydrology, biology, and environmental awareness. The Natural Adventures play area will be an extension of Woodland Adventures and Wild Adventures and its use of the natural environment as play
Adventure Stars
Adventures Stars provides a unique venue for creative performances for children and adults of all abilities, with a variety of quality outdoor musical instruments producing outstanding tones, beats and harmonies. An outdoor accessible stage and seating area provides a venue for performers to showcase their talents.
Adventure Sports

The Adventure Sports zone will be a recreational hub for a variety of sports and activities. Its’ scaled courts and fields will accommodate all things sports, from basketball, baseball and softball to soccer and football with unstructured, imaginative play. A Challenge Course encourages “ninjas’ to compete against each other, train and rehabilitate. A 40-Yard Dash will test ones speed and fitness equipment suitable for all abilities is interspersed throughout the zone.

Adventure Lawn

The Adventure Lawn will provide an open space for non-structured play. The natural grass will invite families to picnic, run and roll down the back of the Adventure Hill. The gently sloping and natural surfacing will allow wheelchair movement through the space, and allow for the imagination to take over, which is an important element in early childhood development.

Adventure Zone
Sponsored by:  Baylor Orthopedic and Spine Hospital at Arlington

Adventure Zone provides the highest intensity play for all ability levels. This zone features vibrant and whimsical play equipment, with a wide variety of play opportunities such as climbing, swinging, and spinning. Abundant shade and areas to socialize will be spaced throughout the play area. This zone includes a play area specifically designed for toddlers with separated activities. Parents and guardians have ample seating to socialize while supervising their family members and friends.

Woodland Adventures

Located on the edge of a protected stream corridor, Woodland Adventures focuses on connecting children and adults to nature. Woodland emphasizes natural materials and includes play features of stone, wood, and sand. A treehouse-like structure adjacent to the natural creek corridor provides elevated views for children and adults alike. With access to natural surface trails users will “Explore”, “Identify” and be “Conscious” of their natural environment.

Adventure Challenge

Adventure Challenge reflects the same whimsical elements as the Adventure Zone while providing extreme challenge and discovery levels for visitors. Elevated play events that bridge between towers encourage cooperation between peers to promote success. Flying through the air on a zip-rail will give the sense of freedom and exhilaration. Younger visitors will be challenged with unique play equipment that enhances balance, spin control and agility.

Tranquil Adventures

Tranquil Adventures offers a passive place intended for gathering and repose, where over stimulation and excitement can be calmed with imaginary play, within a tranquil and separated zone, while maintaining a social atmosphere that might encourage personal interaction. This zone offers a whimsical play houses, a sensory art wall, spinning and a play hill that will allow an individual to maintain their attention to their tasks which is so important in play.

Adventure Hill

Adventure Hill provides a play experience with varying heights and physical challenges. This zone will elevate and give access to park visitor’s activities high above the rest of the playground and will accommodate spinning, sliding, climbing and learning activities in ways traditional playgrounds cannot offer. Challenging opportunities expand as one climbs the ‘Hill’.

Ma’s Café

Ma’s Café, in association with the GPISD Culinary Arts Program will offer a variety of healthy food and drink options. This facility and unique programs will give Special Needs adults the opportunity to assist in the operation and day to day service at the café. The PlayGrand Store, restrooms, indoor seating along with ample outdoor shaded seating located throughout the plaza will transform this into the hub of the playground.