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Saturday March 5, 6PM-ish

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Gigi's Inaugural 24-Hour Run for Inclusive Play

24 hours. That's alot. And this first year it is isn't about getting a bunch of people to sign up and pay to run (that's starts next year).

This inaugural run is about one of our donors wanting to bring awareness to PlayGrand Adventures and how it creates opportunities for everyone to play, to grow and to connect outside. As our donor said "I'm running for those that can't, so that they can get out and play more!"

Why do we need parks and playgrounds that are 'inclusive'?

Playgrounds build confidence. Playgrounds that are purpose built for everyone, including those with special needs help to stimulate, challenge, and encourage development of several skill sets while providing social interaction, sense of discovery, creativity, and exercise.

The 24 Hour Run Details

Who is running? Who can run? Wait, what?!

This is not an ordinary race/run

If you are a runner and looking to sign up for this, sorry this isn't the run you can sign up for this year (plans for next year in the works!)

This is a solo run for 24 hours to create awareness and hopefully support the PlayGrand Adventures 501c3 Foundation to help expand PlayGrand Adventures. But we understand some people want to support with their feet as well as their wallets so if you really want to show up, scroll down and:

  • Understand what is and isn’t happening
  • How we are accepting ad hoc runners
  • What you will NOT get

I really want to lace up and run with your runner!

Ok. The course is not setup for a race with hundreds of runners but if you want to show up there is a sign-up link if you want to join our advocate for a lap or five. The course is just under two miles and he is happy to have some company but...

  • Bring your own food and water – he won’t share
  • This is not a race with sponsors and tents and volunteers passing out water, medals or t-shirts
  • There isn’t going to be more than five people on the “course” at a time
  • If you want to get out for a lap or more and support with your feet, please complete this form after you make your donation

It's not a race. It's about helping others.

The idea of this thing started with our runner who is a donor and Rotarian alongside another runner who happens to be the City of Grand Prairie's City Manager. Together, with the help of the Parks, Arts & Recreation Department, they made this happen for Gigi and her parents and all the other Gigi's out there who get to play because there was a vision to build PlayGrand. But PlayGrand...

PlayGrand Needs Your Help.

We are trying to expand PlayGrand because play is important. We learn through play. We laugh through play. We grow and test our boundaries through play. But not everyone has been able to play, but we are working on it for Gigi and everyone else in North Texas that couldn't play.

Follow us

The PlayGrand Adventures Foundation and The City of Grand Prairie will share live tracking of this event and other opportunities for you to get involved.

"What we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all our tomorrows."

PlayGrand Adventures needs your help. Building this type of innovative, one-of-a-kind, admission-free playground will require both City and private involvement. All money raised goes directly to purchasing playground equipment and site amenities.